Allison Kallaway designs slow crafted industrial art jewelry. She began metal smithing in high school and went on to study Art Education in Colorado. After joining the Peace Corps and spending 12 years teaching in Botswana, she returned home to Montana’s lower Flathead Valley, filled with creative inspiration for her art. Allison now brings expression to the myriad of African, European, and even fantasy design elements to her unique style of modern industrial jewelry. Recently, she was honored to be an exhibitor at the invite-only Smithsonian Craft2Wear show in Washington D.C.

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Tourmaline in Quartz Chunky Ring
Green Uvarovite earrings with 14k gold dangles
Blue Opal Earrings
Ruby and Diamond Earrings
Ruby Necklace with Gold Accents
Ruby Earrings with Gold Accents
Three Stone Necklace in Blues
Three Stone Necklace